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Young teachers (COVID-19 vaccinated) - 14 sudden deaths examined

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ANEURYSMS are killing social media stars - 30 yo bodybuilder Jo Lindner had 8 million Instagram followers (dead after 4 COVID jabs), 35 yo pregnant Instagram star Jackie Miller James in a 5 wk coma!

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41yo model and Hollywood actress Katerina Pavelek ended her life at an assisted suicide clinic in Basel, Switzerland on June 1, 2023, due to COVID-19 vaccine booster injuries

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34 year old Ontario father died suddenly and a rare Canadian autopsy showed myocarditis with complete destruction of the heart. His wife confirms COVID-19 vaccines were to blame!

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BBC journalist spread harmful disinformation about COVID-19 mRNA vaccines in kids. She had her 10 year old twins mRNA vaccinated. Then, 16 months later, one of them died of rare (turbo) brain cancer

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